"Momma's Treasure - Little One's Pleasure"TM

About the Artist


Hi, my name is Eva Murry.  I am the mother of seven children, three step children and twelve grandchildren at the present. 
Some years ago as most mothers of young children do, I stopped wearing jewelry due to the nuisance and potential danger
to my child as a curious and/or teething little one.  The distraction of a toy lasted only a short time and was then discarded by baby;
and then that wonderful jewelry once again become a “no, no” object that baby just couldn’t resist!  Consequently, removing jewelry
from my wardrobe was a small sacrifice to make.  Keeping babies safe and happy were my main concerns at the time. 

Many years have passed and now, as a grandmother, I have the wonderful privilege of handling babies again. 
I had long ago resurrected my jewelry and added to my collection.  My granddaughter, Mia, was my inspiration for BabiLovLinks. 
Mia was about 6 months old and I was quickly reminded of the reason I stopped wearing certain jewelry. 
At first when her mommy would bring her to our church fellowship, she would lunge for me. 
I thought, “Wow, I must really have the “special touch”!” 
I quickly realized that Mia was not as interested in being in my arms
(as opposed to her mommy’s) as she was in playing with my beads. 
Even more reinforcing of that realization was the amazing fact that Nichole, too,
had stopped wearing jewelry for the same reasons as I had.  

Mommy didn’t have those irresistible beads and Grandma did!


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